Decay Channels


We organize exotic Higgs decays by decay topology. This is well-adapted to a large number of specific models in the literature, allowing us to map easily between these models and our list.
In our discussion of exotic decays we will make three simplifying assumptions.
  1. The observed Higgs at 125 GeV is principally responsible for breaking the electroweak symmetry. This amounts to taking something close to the decoupling  limit in non-minimal Higgs theories, and assuming SM production.
  2. The Higgs decays to new particles beyond the SM.
  3. The initial exotic Higgs decay is two-body.

The exotic Higgs decay topologies we consider. Intermediate lines represent an on-shell, neutral particle, which is either a Z-boson or a BSM particle.

At the moment we only consider prompt decays with relatively low-multiplicity final states. Exploring displaced or h→ many decays will be the subject of future investigations.