For any general questions, contact the whole working group at exotic.higgs [at]

For questions or requests to update a particular model or process page, get in touch with one of the listed contact persons (or just use the above email address to reach everyone).


Group Members

David Curtin (david.curtin [at]
Rouven Essig (rouven.essig [at]
Stefania Gori (sgori [at]
Prerit Jaiswal (prerit.jaiswal [at]
Andrey Katz (andrey [at]
Tao Liu (taoliu [at]
Zhen Liu (zhl61 [at]
David McKeen (dmckeen [at]
Jessie Shelton (sheltonj [at]
Matthew Strassler (strassler [at]
Ze’ev Surujon (zeev.surujon [at]
Brock Tweedie (bat42 [at]
Yi-Ming Zhong (yiming.zhong [at]